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Games have always been part of Steven’s life. Video games, tabletop games, card games, and real life sports took up most of his time. Occasionally they may have taken precedent over school and homework. These activities physically or mentally have played a key part in creating the person he has become today. To him nothing is more fun than playing a games in person, with a group of friends, cooperatively or competitively. His passion for video games comes from the competitive place within himself. In some games he enjoys getting the most kills, but it is not always trying to best his friends or fellow gamers in whatever games they are playing. He enjoys the competition against himself. Beating games at the most difficult setting, finding ways to beat the game more efficiently, or simply finding better loot. He has a unique ability to remember what is going on with a game even if it has been awhile since he has played it.


With a never wavering passion for games it is no wonder that he has ended up designing them with his best friends. He meet Price and Laura while working at a local fitness center and became their personal trainer. As the group began to get closer they started to meet on the weekends outside of the gym to play games. Introducing Steven and his fiance to games like Dungeons and Dragons, Descent, Minecraft and more. When he found out Price was designing a game he was immediately interested in helping any way he could. Now he is an integral part of the team and has found his true passion, working alongside those he loves to create more than just games but memories to last a lifetime.

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