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Of War and Men: WW2 - CORE SET

Of War and Men: WW2 - CORE SET

SKU: NGW001001

In "Of War and Men: WWII," you command your Fireteams in their battle to achieve the Mission objective. This squad-level card game introduces the individual heart of a soldier into the complex strategy of war. Build effective Fireteams and create or discover Terrain as you cross the war torn map and try to outflank, outmaneuver, and outgun the enemy. As with any good leader, you must consider the individual strengths and weaknesses of your soldiers to ensure your success. 


Each game has high replayability with new Terrain to battle across, new Fireteam configurations to build, and new Mission objectives to achieve. The distinctive card command system mimics the randomness of battle and the lethality of war, all encased in a unique, card-only system.  

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