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In 1977 while waiting in line to see the third showing of Star Wars, Price’s fate was sealed and he was destined to enter geek culture. After that point, he was off to the races reading Lord of the Rings and spending his allowance on a Dungeons & Dragons Basic Box Set. The allure of Battlestar Galactica, Module B2: The Keep on the Borderlands, and Steve Jackson’s Car Wars began to eat into his time spent with Legos, plastic army men, martial arts, and cardboard sword fighting. 


It therefore was no surprise to friends and family when Price began to boast “When I grow up I want to make games.”  Nearly 40 years and a Masters of Fine Arts in Design later (Go Gators), he may not have grown up just yet, but he certainly has made gaming and geek culture a way of life. From GENCON to Comic-Con, Firefly to Skyrim, Price certainly fits right in. While he may not have quite reached his goal of actually becoming an elven ranger or Rock-Star (though Rock Band sure helped), fate has led him to this point. Price is elated to follow his dreams with friends and family by his side. For experiences in life are what matter, and games allow you to share them with whom you love.

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